Many companies, managers and employees are guilty of treating employee performance management as a required yearly event that needs to happen rather than an annual process that can foster employee engagement and support employee development.  Effective, meaningful performance management plays a critical role in a company’s success and an employees’ growth and development.  Our training focuses on teaching managers how to accomplish or facilitate work through others, and how to direct and develop their employees and how to help them set meaningful and effective goals and objectives for their personal and professional growth.  Great performance management includes ongoing, two-way dialogue with your employees about expectations, opportunities, priorities and performance. Our training helps managers focus on developing their employees, to ensure their success and to maximize their contributions to the organization.

Thank you for bringing your expertise to us and for helping us improve our Supervisory/Managerial soft skills. Our team was very nervous about attending the class however at the end they were all very positive and happy to have learned so much in a small time span.
We are all excited to begin using new skills in the workplace. I am anxious to see the changes in our Supervisors/Managers as they continue to grow and add more “tools” to their tool boxes.
As always, you were a joy to work with. I am very happy to have worked with Tandem again.

Amanda Dinis